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Vintage General Electric model 7H166 Alarm Clock



This is a vintage General Electric model 7H166 Alarm Clock. We’ve seen this model on the web with a White case, but this one has a unusual Black Case that looks like it may have been painted by a previous owner. It also has Black hands, so we are uncertain if this is a factory finish or not. It has a strong Art Deco/Moderne look with Brass trim around the Clock face plus two Brass feet. We’ve seen this model referred to as the Morning Glory model.
The Clock stands 4-3/4 inches high and is 6-1/2 inches wide by about 2-3/4 inches deep, perfectly sized for a Nightstand, Desk, or Shelf. It weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces. It has the General Electric model number and product number engraved on the back of the cabinet where three controls are also found: Time Set, Alarm Set, and Alarm On/Off.
The Clock uses standard North American 115/120 Volts AC (60 cycles), and has a 2 pin male power cord. It requires 2 Watts of power. There is an indicator on the Clock face below the number “12” that shows Red until the Clock is set with power applied. This is to let you know if there has been a power failure so you can make sure the Clock is showing the correct time.
The cabinet of the Clock has a few areas where the Black is worn showing a lighter color underneath. The Brass ring around the Clock face has a medium patina. The Clock is operating and keeping good time. The Alarm works, but the hand which shows the Alarm time seems to be a bit off from the time the Alarm actually comes on, so the Alarm hand may need a slight adjustment. We rate the overall condition of the Clock as being in very good condition (see pictures above).
This is a nice example of an Art Deco styled Alarm Clock in good working order. It would make a wonderful addition to any Clock or Art Deco collection!

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 6.500 x 4.750 in


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