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ANTIQUE Brass Thimble PIN Case DECO Etui BUTTON Hook

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Featured here is a charming collection of Antique Sewing and Grooming items

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We have here another wonderful find in this charming group of 6 Assorted Antique Sewing Implements and grooming items as follows:
Antique Button Hook
It measures about 7 inches in length and features a beautifully decorated Handle in either Very Dark Brown or Black which has been blessed with exquisitely detailed ornamentation to its handle.
Antique Sewing Machine Oil Can
It stands about 3 3/4 inches tall and has a width, measured at the bottom of about one inch. This is a silver colored metal and – as all items of that era – has lovely detailing to both the body as well as to the cover.
Art Deco Etui – Needle Case – Vita-ray
This lovely case measures about 2 inches by about 1/2 inch and features a lovely patinated finish over its silver metal base – in either very dark Navy Blue or perhaps Black. It is further enlivened by a charming Art Deco Fan Motif as well as the geometric lines we have all come to adore in all things Art Deco. The Underside is stamped with its maker mark Vita-ray.
Antique Brass Thimble of standard size
Cylindrical Needle Case – Etui – Kirby, Beard & Co., Ltd.
Its case has been detailed in a very warm rich Amber-Whiskey Color with Golden Lettering. Instructions for inserting needles are imprinted on the case.
Bakelite or Celluloid item resembling a Stick Pin with Pink Flower at Top
This very pretty little item could possibly be a stick-pin – maybe a hair ornament. We really are not certain. That being said, it is truly lovely and has a length of about 3 inches.
It stands about 2 1/2 inches tall and has a diameter of about 1/2 inch.
These delightful lady’s collectibles are in lovely aged condition with some of the minor surface wear and age-related patina one would expect to find in items such as this from another time – truly a very special find and should be a fantastic addition to your collection. They can only continue increasing in value as more and more time goes by bringing you many compliments and a great deal of pleasure.
Just give them a gentle cleaning – perhaps a bit of polish where appropriate or needed – and – Enjoy!

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