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For your viewing pleasure we have Six Delightful Vintage and Antique dolls



We have here another wonderful find in this Charming Group of Six Assorted Antique and Vintage Dolls as follows:
Vogue Ginny Molded Lash Walker
She is about 7 1/3 inches tall. We think this is the doll that was called a Molded Lash Walker.
Patent Number on back appears to read 2687954. We understand that this charming doll most likely dates back to about 1955-1956. Although her pretty Midnight Blue Eyes do open and close, they do need a little help. They do not move easily. The joint on her right arm also needs a bit of tender loving care. She apparently was quite beloved as her hair could use some improved styling.
Celluloid Dutch or Danish Doll with Pearlized Blonde Hair
This doll is about 6 inches tall. She apparently dates back in time to approximately the 1940’s to the 1950’s. We have been told by some very knowledgeable collectors that this hair style is a bit rounder and softer than those of the period of the 1930’s. They also felt that she is either Dutch or Danish as they used the pearlized styling in the hair tones.
There is a mark on her back which we have tried our best to capture in a photograph. It appears to be that of a shell. There is also a number 16 on her back beneath the shell mark. Although her head is a permanent part of her torso, her arms and legs are jointed with some type of blue elastic which seems to be original to the doll. This is just a guess.
Bisque Doll with Broken Arm
This Doll is about 5 1/4 inches tall and has an adorable ‘knowing’ look upon its sweet little face. The little shoes and socks are painted on. We see that the back of one of the shoes has a little chip. The back of the doll does bear some kind of maker mark – the Letter ‘B’ which we have also pictured here. There are a couple of tiny chips near the front arm holes and general soiling. That being said, perhaps with a bit of restoration, it could be nicely refurbished.
Celluloid Black Child
It is about 3 1/2 inches tall and has jointed arms. The rest of the body and head are in one piece. As you can see in one of the photographs, there is damage in the area of the ankles/feet. It appears as though it could be professionally repaired.
Paper Maché Eastern European Doll/Figurine
It stands about 4 1/2 inches tall and seems to be of European, possibly Eastern European origin. We are really not sure. The bottom of her feet seem to be made of cork or perhaps some type of soft wood. Again, this is merely conjecture on our part. There is some minor surface wear and some rub-off of the green headwear – but no major condition issues are exhibited here.
Teeny Tiny Japanese Bisque Doll with Dis-articulated Limbs
Its head and torso measure about 1 3/4 inches – Alas – this adorable little Japanese Doll is not only missing one leg, but her arms are completely separated from the body. It has a sweet little face; the hair and hat are permanently affixed to the head. The back of the doll bears a Maker Mark as well as the word’ Japan’ which is not only hard to see and read, but was equally difficult to photograph. We hope the photograph here will assist you in your purchase decision.
The clothes photographed here were with the dolls when we received them. We do not believe they are all original to the dolls, but since we received them together as a family, we feel that they should also go on to their new home as a family unit as well.
These beautiful old dolls are quite a treasure and should be fantastic additions to your collection. They can only continue increasing in value as more and more time goes by bringing you much pleasure as well as many compliments.

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