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1929 Group PHOTOGRAPH Picture MOLINE CAL. CLUB Sycamore

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Large group Photograph of the Moline California Club, dated 1929.



We are pleased to present this large Group Photograph for your consideration. It is captioned Moline California Club – Picnic at Sycamore Grove, November 10, 1929, and shows a group of 100 or more Men, Women, and Children in a natural setting that appears to be a park. The back of the photograph has a handwritten caption in pencil that says Moline Group in L.A., so we are guessing that the Sycamore Grove mentioned is the Los Angeles park with that name.
In addition to the main caption on the Photograph, there is also a smaller caption at the lower right corner that reads 1954 Thompson Santa Monica. The people in the Photograph are clearly wearing garments consistent with a 1929 date, so we are uncertain as to the significance of the 1954 caption. Perhaps the Photograph was issued on the 25th anniversary of the 1929 event?
The Photograph is 8 inches high and 35 inches wide, weighing 2 ounces. It has curled from age and shows the beginning of a couple of creases. The back of the Photograph has a few thin spots near the pencil caption at the end that look like termite damage, but the spots affect only the surface and do not penetrate through to the front. We rate the Photograph as being in very good condition (see pictures).
This is a fantastic antique Photograph that would make a wonderful addition to any collection!

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