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We have a wonderful book for you today from the Victorian Era. This book is comprised of over 70 magazine plates which were made and used for both ‘Godey’s Magazine’ and ‘Graham’s Lady’s Book’

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This book from the 1800’s features over 70 magazine plates that were made specifically for two magazines, ‘Godey’s Magazine’ and ‘Graham’s Ladys Book’.
These two publications had the reputation of being the expert guide to fashion, life and living in the Victorian Era and became best known for their beautiful high-color, hand-tinted fashion plates.
Well known authors were hired on to these magazines with top salaries not only to lend their insight, but to give these publications authenticity.
The contributors to Godey’s Ladys Book included Edgar Allen Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Harriet Beecher Stowe. It is our understanding, Edgar Allen Poe also contributed to and edited for ‘Graham’s Magazine’.
This particular book appears to be the printers personal collection of such plates. We have taken the time to carefully photograph every plate as well as a close up of their title.
It comes to us in aged condition, as we see the leather binding has vast deterioration and a good part of the pages are detached. BUT, even though the pages have age related deterioration to them, the plates are in good condition. Most of the plates have GREAT color to them and the detail is unmatched, but there are also some that have some dark areas and fading.
This is a fantastic collection and one not to let slip away!

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